Pronoun use, awareness and resources

You may see people providing identifying pronouns in email signatures, virtual meeting names and university platforms, or someone might tell you which pronouns they use in conversation. When people do this, it is because they want to make sure that you know how to refer to them.

Pronouns are words that we use to refer to someone without using their name. The most common ones are she/her/hers, he/him/his and they/them/theirs. There are also other options, some of which you can see on the quick pronouns are important information page.

For a variety of reasons, you cannot assume someone's pronouns by their name or appearance. If you are unsure of someone's pronouns, feel free to share your own and then ask. When someone shares their pronouns with you, it is polite and respectful to use the pronouns that they have shared. By sharing our own pronouns and acknowledging those of others, we can avoid making assumptions and participate in the work of building a more welcoming campus community at Wayne State University.

In the links below, you can learn more about why pronouns are important, get answers to some common questions about pronouns, discover how you can display your pronouns via WSU platforms and get involved with pronoun advocacy efforts on campus.

How to add or change your pronouns in WSU systems

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)